Life Span Connection

Wise Wisconsin Winter Series

On Zoom Wednesday mornings 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

February 3rd through March 10th, 2021

Registration Required: 

UW-Madison Division of Extension’s Life Span program presents Wise Wisconsin Winter Series. Life Span Educators from around to state will host sessions on topics that will help you increase joy and satisfaction in your life and help you connect with others during the cold, snowy winter months. Grab a hot beverage of your choice and join us!

2/3/21 – Cultivating Optimism – Optimisms isn’t something you do; it is an awareness that can help us meet challenges with a positive mindset.  Learn about techniques that will help inspire optimism in challenging times! 

2/10/21 – Social Connections – Research tells us that one of the most important indicators of how well we age is by looking at the social connections we have.  But what if we LIKE being alone?  How are we supposed to connect socially while distancing physically?  How do I make new friends and keep the old?  Social connection means something different to each of us and our preferences and styles are important.  Learn a little about yourself, those you love, and how to really connect with “your people.” 

2/17/21 – Finding your Joy – Find the Joy!  Buckle your seatbelt and you will be in for a fun ride of discovering more about the keys to joy and happiness in our life. We will rediscover the keys to happiness that will inspire you to find the joy in your everyday living.  Invite your relatives, neighbors, friends and loved ones for this hour of reflection, storytelling, and joy!  Even in this time of struggles and unknowns there are glimmers of joy to be found to build our resiliency skills. 

2/24/21 – Money by the Heart – Talking about money is hard, whether the conversation is with a partner, spouse, or in your own head!  We often do not think of money as an emotional subject but thinking and talking about money can create some very strong feelings.  Learn about incorporating the values and emotions of yourself (and you partner) in setting and reaching your financial goals.   

3/3/21 – Retirement Refirement–  Refiring Your Future! There are four pillars of a successful retirement that includes vision, balance, work and successful aging.  This session will help you think about retirement as a time to do something with your life moving into the future and live life with a purpose.  This will be a fun, positive, interactive investment in your future as we refire for the best of your life. 

3/10/2021 – I’m Absolutely, Positively Aging! –  What’s the secret to successful aging?  Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with your income, being free from illness, or a life without disappointments.  Living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a positive attitude, and friendships are just a few ways to age well. Join this session to learn more!   


Series presented by the following Human Development and Relationship Educators: Karen Dickrell, Faculty  in Outagamie County; Ruth Schriefer, Faculty in Iowa County, Jane Jensen, Faculty in Sheboygan County; Amanda Kostman, Walworth County and Heather Quackenboss,  La Crosse County


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