Planning AHEAD

What is Planning AHEAD?

Planning AHEAD is an end-of-life planning curriculum for all ages developed by UW–Madison Division of Extension faculty and staff. This 7-session research-based program will help participants understand how to prepare for the end of life for themselves or a loved one, and why it’s important to have a plan in place.

*This program and workbook were designed for residents in Wisconsin and is specific to Wisconsin law. If you are not a resident of Wisconsin, please refer to your state’s laws around Advanced Medical and Legal Directives, and Estate Planning.

What topics are covered during the course of the program? 

Who should attend the Planning AHEAD program? 

Anyone that is interested in planning for the end of life to make things easier for family members, have lost a loved one, are in the process of losing a loved one and are dealing with the transition

Are you are a community partner and interested in becoming a trained facilitator?

Please reach out to Jenny Abel ( or Sara Richie ( for more information.

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