Aging Friendly Communities

Aging-friendly communities are generally inclusive, sustainable and healthy. They have many other characteristics as well. Some of these characteristics include being accessible, interdependent and engaged. Extension educates community partners and stakeholders on population aging effects a community and provides them with the support and resources needed to make changes that families of all ages can enjoy, while supporting aging in place.

Family Caregiving

Extension supports family caregivers through programming that connect caregivers to local resources, support groups and education on a variety of issues that affect caregivers and those they care for.

End of Life Planning

Extension provides programming to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle as one ages. Our programming supports individuals and families by providing the resources and tools necessary to make healthier choices each day.


The COVID-19 Pandemic is the result of an ongoing global outbreak of  coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that erupted in 2019. Extension has responded to the pandemic by providing individuals, families and community partners with tools and resources to help them navigate and thrive during this rapidly changing crisis.

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